Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Character in Search of a Plot

Recently, I decided to enter a regional illustration contest. So I did some sketches, based on a doodle, based on a glint of an know how that works.

And I came up with this girl. Wow! So much personality. She even has a fabulous cat sidekick. But she does not have a plot. She does not even have a name.

Because I wasn't working on a picture book. I was merely thinking, doodling and sketching for a contest.

But now she's in the world, and, I think, she's begging for her story to be told.

I usually start with a basic (written) idea when I'm working on a picture book. Or a plot. Or at least a title. I've never started with a drawing. But I'm willing to try something new!

How do you get started on a picture book? Have you ever had a Character in Search of a Plot? Tell me- how did it end?