Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Post About My Kid

Madeline drew this portrait-- of me! I only wish I were so glamorous, but I do think she caught my essence.
On our morning walk to school today, she said, "Mom, is it true that snakes used to have legs?"
Thrown somewhat by the unexpected question and early hour, I replied, "No. Yes. Maybe. I don't know. Why?"
"Well," she said, "if we evolved, then snakes must have evolved too."
"And, " she added, as my head continued to spin, "can you believe we started being a million years ago? We were covered with hair. Lots of it. And then, in 1492, .... oh, no, that was something else."
Madeline pauses for a breath.
"We're having punch tomorrow!"
for their Valentine's Day party, of course. This disjointed thinking, this jumping from one concept to the next is what makes my husband observe at times that having a kid is like living with a crazy person. I think it may also be somehow the seed of creativity.
After all, tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
And we used to be covered in hair!
Now, who wants some punch?


  1. I'll have a glass of punch.

    What is that behind your head? At first glance I imagined it was a crayon.

    I love the drawing, and the dialogue transcription.

  2. Either epaulets (sp?) or a pillow. thanks!

  3. Great story. There is nothing as entertaining as the crazy things kids say! Thanks for visiting and following me at Book Dreaming. Good luck in the contest. :-)

  4. Hey Con! How are ya? I love the drawing that Madeline drew. It DEFINITELY captured your heart. The crux of who you are. Great job. Hmmmm, could this be an Illustrator in training? =)

    I am still writing picture books. But I have my MG novel ready to go out to agents at the end of February. So I hope the agent will sell my picture books, too. *grin*

    I'm answering you on here, because I can't get my facebook to work. Grrrrrr Anyway, Happy Valentines Day. (^_^)

  5. Con, unplug week is the third Monday of every month. No blogging, facebooking, tweeting or any of that jazz. It is worldwide. And super. It gives me time for nothing but my writing. It's a welcome relief. You can check your email and that is it. I love it.

    See ya next week. =)

  6. Girl, you are so on it! Thanks for explaining and I'll try to remember to unplug and head on down to my drawing table every third Monday (or more!)

  7. Ooooh...unplug M'ownday sounds gooooood!!