Thursday, March 4, 2010

Draw As You Go

This weekend I was at Spring Mingle, a fabulous SCBWI conference in Atlanta. I met and heard agent Josh Adams, literary legend Jane Yolen, and two amazing editors, Cheryl Klein and Meredith Mundy. I heard so much useful, helpful information on craft and on submitting. On the history and the current state of publishing. On persevering and persevering some more. I was surrounded by people who love kids books as much as I do, which is one of the best reasons to go to a conference!

And then there were the puns. My god, the puns. Come up with a kids-lit related pun and win a lunch date (kinda) with one of the presenters. I went to the conference (and roomed!) with two critique group buddies, and we were each successful punners,
with: When little rabbit's pjs fell down, old rabbit saw his goodnight moon. (or something)
and: Paddington tried to hibernate one winter, but he just couldn't bear it.
and: What happened when frog parked in the fire lane? He was towed.

So much happened in the course of three days, I've been thinking on how to blog about it and it's making my head hurt. BUT I can show you some sketches.

Because drawing is what I do.

Like this one I did in the Beauty Bar in Manhattan. Isn't she great?

In My Dinner with Andre, Andre says: I could always live in my art but never in my life. (or something)
I can live in my life sometimes. I just try to draw what I can. Like this rabbit in my yard.

Yes, I know I'm no Beatrix Potter. But we used to live in Brooklyn, so what d'ya want from me?

Mostly I'm drawing Madeline. And she's drawing me.

So what did you learn at your conference?
Oh, and thanks for the wine, Donna. And thanks for the chocolates, Ameliann. And thanks for saving me a seat at the agent's table, Andrea. I appreciate you guys!

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