Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Best Reason to Marry A Musician Is...

free concerts!

At Bar Bes on 9th Street in Brooklyn, for example. At your local cafe. Even at Joe's Pub, once, which is a very elegant venue and part of the Joseph Papp Public Theatre.

Sometimes it's just me listening to him practicing in the bedroom. Near my computer. Sometimes it's irritating!

But sometimes it's a bunch of musician friends hanging out on the porch late at night drinking beer and jamming. That's the best. I love hearing great musicians on my very own porch. Sharing the love.

And now I'm sharing these drawings with you. Musicians are great to draw! So expressive and gestural. Plus they often make weird faces while playing.

So go ahead and bring your sketchpad next time you go to The Wedge Brewery, here in Asheville (where my husband plays) Or draw a street musician.

Or draw yourself singing in the shower! Maybe you'll put even put it on your blog.

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