Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Spy A NaNoWriMo-er

She's pulling her hair.
She's wondering why.
She's banging her head against the cafe table.
She's been sitting in front of her computer for two hours, and all she ordered was a small coffee.
"Are you sure you don't want anything else?" asks the waitress, with a barely concealed snarl.
"Yes, I do want something else," says the NaNoWriMoer. "I want it to be over."
She leans over her keys.
She types some words.
She counts the words.
She realizes they are not enough.
They will never be enough. Not by November 30. Impossible.
She orders a mocha, hoping that will placate the waitress.
And help her come up with more words.
She wonders if she can find a way to write on Thanksgiving.
Or the day after Thanksgiving.
She wonders why they didn't pick a month with 31 days.


  1. Love the picture and appreciate the sentiments!! I am trying to finish my NaNo novel I started 2 years ago and am finding the "don't look back" rule to be so freeing and wonderful! I have moved from a chapter a week to a chapter a day (but then my chapters are 4-5 pages long!) Best of luck. Keep plugging away!

  2. Ha! This is great. I can't tell you how many times A DAY I wonder why they chose November for NaNo. Not only is it a short month with a holiday that demands much cleaning and cooking, but it's a month where I don't believe children are in school for a complete 5 day school week even once. It's been a great, freeing tool for me, and wonderful accountability. But, it's going to be interesting how much of this draft actually ends up in the final 15 years from now. Maybe the words "and" and "the."

  3. This is fabulous! I think you should incorporate this into your book! :)

    I am a bit behind - but you know...I'm not going to stop trying to catch up. NaNo has been a huge accountability tool for me, too. (Kelly said it perfectly!)

    Glad we can moan together about it, though! :)