Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Self-Portrait #572

I admit it. Snow days have got me down. Feels like I should love nothing better than more time to hang out with my beautiful daughter.

Well, yes, we've had some fun. But mommy's getting antsy. And what I realize is, I Need My Alone-Time. I'm feeling transported to when she was a baby- which I loved so much, of course, cuddling that little bundle of sweet-smelling sweetness. But it also brought out a restlessness in me that made me wish I was a seahorse or a penguin, and the guy was in charge.

Then we scored a playdate at a friend's house. I thought I should write, but I felt so emotionally discombobulated. So I did this self-portrait.

Centering, that's what it is. Art that nobody's going to buy. Because it's just between me and my sketchbook, myself and I.

When she came back from the playdate, we had a good, long cuddle session on the comfy chair. Because she was back. And so was I. Know what I mean?


  1. Yes! I know exactly what you mean! Tomorrow, the book signing, is finally my me time. I can hardly wait!

  2. I love your self-portrait. And I'm glad drawing it helped you get your sense of self back. I do that with my writing. It feels wonderful.