Friday, December 31, 2010

Zero Resolutions

Because I can't take the pressure. And I refuse to resolve to eat healthier, exercise more, spend less time daydreaming, be more disciplined, etc.

But I could make myself some goals for 2011.
1. Sing in the grocery store more often. And louder.
2. Talk to strangers. Even if they don't appear interested.
3. Buy more glitter glue. It's glue, and it glitters!
4. Paint pictures that nobody will want to buy or hang on their walls.
5. Go to a movie by myself. Talk to myself during the movie. And shush myself.
6. Laugh more. Nap with the cat more.
7. Wear my favorite sweater daily. Even if it doesn't smell very nice.

8. Have a cup of hot chocolate at least once a week. Don't spare the whipped cream.
9. Wear all my necklaces at once. Put on too much perfume and dance.
10. Play with my daughter, rolling in the grass and/or snow. Don't think about laundry.
11. Bonus goal: find an agent who appreciates me, whom I will appreciate. Work together to get one of my amazing stories published. Let 2011 be a fabulous year.

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. I love all of you goals! I think I will aspire to achieve them all, too!! We should make a date to go to a movie together! I'll pack the hot chocolate and roll-on glitter!

  2. Number 11, Con. Me and you, chica. :)

    I love your goals. In other words you're telling us, DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. :) Happy New Year. I loves ya, you KNOW that.

    Are you coming to Forest City the 11th? I'd love to see you. Bring the family. :)

  3. Nice list...I may steal some. Go glitter! As my 2 year old son says, "sparkles make me happy!". Happy New Year!