Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meet the Hubby

My husband's a great musician. And I admit that's partly why I fell in love with him. When I first met him he was playing the bass. What's sexier than that? When I met him the second time around he was playing guitar. And uke. And steel guitar. Sometimes even the drums. And then he bought a trumpet. And then (it only gets worse) a banjo.

Living with a musician is not as fun as seeing a musician at a gig. All that jamming on licks and riffs on his axe (impressed with the musician lingo yet?) It's the same notes over and over and over and over while he's learning a song. Sometimes lots of other musicians come over. It gets pretty loud around here. And let's not forget the incessant whistling. And humming. The guy practically sings in his sleep.

So I wrote this poem:

Oh What a Noisy Daddy!

My Daddy is always whistling
or clapping or humming or singing!

Oh, no, here he comes with his banjo,
Please, daddy dear, can you play so-low?

Our house overflows with his trumpets
basses, ukeleles and drum kits!

He’s even got two ancient sitars,
and goodness knows how many guitars!

Says Dad: Understand my position,
It’s not my fault I’m a musician!

So now he's teaching my daughter how to play the uke. I may have to build myself a sound-proof room. In the meantime, they're pretty cute playing music together. Adorable, actually.

Sometimes they even let me sing along.


  1. Personally I love the banjo. But then again, I don't live with it!

    Constance I entered you in the contest! Please don't tell me that today is February 2nd. I do believe Groundhog Day is tomorrow.

  2. There's an old joke...what is perfect pitch?
    Answer: When you throw out an accordion...and it lands on a banjo!! RFLMAO!!

    I can imagine that it might be nutty and noisy...but that's how Hank Bones got so damn good!! Besides, crazy musicians look like good fodder for fun poetry!