Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet the Muse

Yes, I'm one of those moms who had a kid and started reading kids books and said, "I can do that!"

Not that "that" is that easy! And not to disparage moms. My critique group consists largely of moms who write. At writers conferences and in SCBWI chapters across the country--moms who write. These are some tough and talented moms we're talking (and you know who you are).

So sometimes your kid is your muse. Mine certainly is. Just look at her. Put a bowler hat on her head and a whole new world is born.

She gives me new ideas daily. Yesterday it was The Grouchy Kitty. When I pointed out that sounded a bit like Bad Kitty, she said, "Oh, this kitty isn't bad. Just grouchy. All he really wants is a hug."

One of my stories evolved from when she was three, stomping around the house and banging an imaginary drum. Suddenly she stopped and said, "But that wasn't enough music for those monsters!"

Another time she showed me her drawing of a boy with a cape and swirls of color coming out of every body part. Who's that? I asked. "Mom!" she replied, shocked at my ignorance, "It's Colorman!"
Of course, not all my stories are based on Madeline-isms. One came out of a dream I had where I was playing catch with a squirrel. We had a lot of fun, that squirrel and me.

Who is your muse? Or how do your kids inspire you?

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  1. Watch out, Constance! Madeline is going to expect a share of the royalties.