Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Self-Portrait #3

This one doesn't look like me.

I did it without a mirror at my desk on the piece of cardboard at the end of the memo pad with magic marker and white-out. That's right. Office art.
How I used to make that white-out and those bright pink post-it notes work for me! I made tiny flip books. I photo-copied my face repeatedly. So did a friend of mine, and she faxed one to me with the words, "Help, I'm trapped in the copier!"
Not very funny, I know. We should have been doing our jobs. Answering phones. Filing. Even filing our nails. But we just couldn't resist the lure of too many notepads, staplers, markers, date stamps and paper clips.
I'm sure some of you have used your valuable work hours to make art (and you know who you are!) You could call it a shameful indulgence on someone else's dime.
Or you could call it an act of rebellion.
So how 'bout we have an online exhibition. Of all the ways you let your creativity burst out while trapped in the copier.
I'll start with this piece.


  1. Love the self portrait. Actually it does look like you. And office art is very cool. (^_^)

  2. Hey Constance! After your message, I got to thinking that I really needed to pick up the pace on the 1st 10 pages site. So, I totally re-vamped it:
    Check it out, tell your writer pals, the critique group and send in pages!
    Take care. Laurie

  3. Thank you, Shelli! Your blog is so great; I appreciate all the wonderful interviews!

  4. and if I post can I figure out to get my blog on my igoogle read?